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We are thrilled to announce our first ever calligraphy retreat here at Paper and Ink Arts! Join us June 1-4, 2018, to learn from some of the very best young and talented calligraphers in the industry. The classes are designed for intermediate calligraphers or adventurous beginners who have taken classes on a specific hand(s). The emphasis will be on design and application. No individual hands will be taught.  Besides the daily classes, you will also be able to participate in evening sessions led by the instructors that are designed to enhance your calligraphy journey.  And with only 20 other students in attendance, you will have more opportunities for individual feedback. The cost for the retreat will be $495. Registration begins November 6, and we will share the link for registering a few days before. Once registered, you will receive a packet that includes class supply lists, lodging suggestions, etc.

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Without any further delay, we are excited to announce the instructor and class line-up.


Instructor: Bailey Amon Rivera

Classes:Script Monogram Design 
(Morning -3hrs)

Who doesn’t love a monogram? You know when they’re even better? When it’s designed for you, by you! This class focuses on script monogram designs and demystifies the process using a step-by-step method for creating a balanced and beautiful 3 letter design.
Layout and Design
How to approach designing a piece when looking at a blank page can be one of the most difficult challenges we face as artists. Luckily, with some simple techniques and exercises we can easily create a successful and dynamic design. Students will come to class with text that they’d like to practice with and work toward a finished piece for their portfolio.
Instructor: Schin Loong
Class: Floral Envelope Illustration and Design
Students will learn how to create lovely envelopes in this delightful class. After spending a bit of time on lettering and flourishing, the focus will shift to flower painting and techniques. Once this foundation is built, students will learn to incorporate what they’ve learned into the layout and design of stunning envelopes.
Instructor: Michael Ward
Class: Signature Design

Signature writing, or “superscription” is the joining of letter forms to create a finished signature that flows gracefully, and maintains an overall balance. It could be considered one of the best ways to showcase your penmanship skill and style. Through analysis of traditional signatures, and a thorough explanation of “oval theory”, students will learn the steps to creating a beautiful balanced design.

Prior to taking Signature Designs, it is important that students have a strong grasp of Spencerian/Ornamental Penmanship letter forms. 


Instructor: Skyler Chubak
Class: Ornamental Lettering

In this class you will learn the basics of lettering. How to draw and draft letters in the most traditional ways, things that can help, and how to use drafting tools to create beautiful results will be included. We will discuss ornamentation, structure, spacing, shading, depth, and the process.

         You will complete a decorated letter from start to finish, and we will go through the process. This letter will be integrated into a piece with other lettering and ornament which we will also discuss and go through as time permits.

         This class will have an equal focus on layout and design. We will discuss what makes a piece good, how to make pieces better, and how to draw and go through the process of finishing lettering pieces and projects.


Evening sessions will cover a variety of topics including structuring your practice habits, adopting strong business practices, and equipping yourself with must-have tools and resources. Instructors will present in a panel style so that you have a variety of insight and advice as you ask questions.


$250 deposit due at registration.

$245 remaining balance due by March 1, 2018.

The entire balance may be paid at registration if you prefer. Cancellations received up to 90 days in advance are fully refundable. Cancellations up to 60 days in advance will receive a 50% refund. The remaining 50% will be issued as a store credit. Cancellations 30 days in advance or less will only be issued store credit.

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