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Spring 2013 News

Spring is officially here though you’d never know it by the continuing cold weather in Nashville! With the new season come several new products that you will want to check out and preparations for summer conferences that are designed to help make your packing easier. Plus, we’re offering some great classes here on-site that you may enjoy attending if you’re local to the Nashville area.


First, IAMPETH supply lists are already on our website and ready for you to order. Pre-ordering means that you don’t have to pack inks in your suitcase, and you receive free shipping and 10% off of your total order. Use the code IAMP2013 at check-out, and note in your order comments that you will pick up your order at the conference.  Just be prepared to take your new items home after the conference! PRE-ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JUNE 25th!

The lists for The Summit will be posted soon(absolutely no later than mid-April and likely well before), and the same advantages(free shipping and 10% off of your order) will be available for conference attendees. Use the code SUMMIT at check-out, and note in your order comments that you will pick up your order at the conference. PRE-ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JULY 3rd!

Note: These codes only apply to conference attendees who plan to pick up orders at the conferencesAlso, shipping charges will still show up when you place your order, but we will manually deduct them when we process orders. You will be charged for your order just before it ships to the conference.


Wink of Stella Brush Markers: If you like brush lettering and glitter, the new Zig Wink of Stella Brush markers are a dream come true. Filled with sparkly water-based pigment ink, these markers will add some pizazz to your projects.

Metal Magnetic Boards: Have you ever wanted to mount your exemplar when you are working in class without taping it to an easel? These boards are the perfect remedy. Simply use your own magnets to display your exemplar and clear up work space on your desk and easel. Perfect for both classes and your studio!

Le Pen: We’ve had several customers request the Marvy Le Pen, and we’ve listened. Sturdy, plastic tips (somewhat similar to the Micron tip) allow you to achieve fine lines, and the color selection is fabulous. These are ideal for adding detail, decorating envelopes, or just adding color to your everyday writing.

Rotring is Back! We will soon have the sizes you loved in the Rotring Art Pen’s back in stock, and we’ve also added the Rotring Isograph pens to our inventory. Similar to the Rapidograph pens, the Isographs are technical pens with a stainless steel tip.

Diane Townsend Pastels: While the pastels are not new to us, you can now order individual colors as opposed to just sets online. Be patient with us as we get pictures loaded in the near future.—brushes-pastels.html


We’re thrilled to have local calligraphers Rose Wathen and Sheryl Bracey offering classes here this spring. Rose will once again offer beginning copperplate, and Sheryl will be teaching monoline variations. Find out more on our blog at:

Thanks for taking a moment to read about our new products and spring happenings. We hope to see and/or meet many of you this summer, and we look forward to serving you well before then. Customer service is our focus; we want all of you to order to be pleased with the items you receive and the timeliness in which you receive them. Our customers are truly our best asset!


Paper and Ink Arts

2012 Fall News

What a first year this has been for us! We appreciate your continued patronage throughout this transitional year and have enjoyed meeting so many of you in person or by phone.  This year has been a busy one for us. For those of you who haven’t yet placed an order or attended a conference and those who have and are just interested in what’s happening with us, here are a few of the things we’ve worked on during the past 12 months:

* Creating a New Website: We spent the majority of last fall having a new website designed, and we’ve been working hard on improving it ever since. We wanted to make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible, and we hope you find the new format is doing just that. One feature we’ve added are class supplies templates so that when conferences occur, we can make your shopping experience easy by having class supplies clearly listed under the teachers’ names.  For those of you that teach ongoing classes, we are happy to create a supply list for you as well!

*Implementing a New Inventory System with Point of Sale Capabilities: We have instituted an inventory system that allows us to use a computerized check-out system at conferences. This first year has helped us work out the glitches, and we’re happy to be able to offer a check-out process that provides you with itemized receipts and quick credit card processing.

* Creating a New Blog: We love our customers, and we love sharing what you do with the calligraphy community. We’ve had many talented people share their work over the past year, and we look forward to continuing the blog. As always, if you are interested in being featured, let us know.

*Hosting On-Site Classes: One of my first goals for Paper and Ink was to become an integral part of helping people learn the art of calligraphy. I left the field of education to take this position, and I strongly believe it is by allowing people to have the chance to learn that we will be able to grow our business. Thus, I was immediately excited about the opportunity to host the Nashville Calligraphy Guild sponsored Reggie Ezell 26 Seeds to Grow class. It has been an absolute delight to work with workshop chair Ann Cobb to coordinate the weekend classes and to work alongside so many wonderful people.  After sharing with a few local guild members about the desire to host further classes here, we’ve been thrilled to host classes taught by Guild President Rose Wathen throughout this past year, and we’re excited to offer classes taught by Sheryl Bracey as well. We hope to have both ladies continuing to teach throughout the next year, and we will also be once again hosting the Reggie Ezell year-long course in 2013. Further, we are in the process of adding a few more exciting classes to our offerings!

*Expanding Our Customer Base: We were intrigued when local comic book inkers began purchasing supplies from us, and we’ve since learned that many of the tools calligraphers use and love are also used by comic book artists and inkers as well. We attended our first Comic Con Convention in Chicago this past August, and we enjoyed sharing our products with an entirely new market.  We’ve found that some of the items they were using will be helpful for calligraphers as well!

*Training Our Staff to Better Serve You:  We’ve consistently heard how much our customers appreciated being able to call Brenda and Kim and ask questions regarding calligraphy supplies. In order to be able to offer that same type of service, we’ve been training our staff throughout the year in an effort to better serve you. Catharine and I have been enrolled in Reggie Ezell’s class, and Jan and Josh have taken on-site classes from local instructors. We continue to take classes to constantly expand our knowledge base and are always happy to talk to you about your projects and jobs!

*Implementing Customer Surveys:  So far we’ve created two customer surveys, and we’ve appreciated your responses! We’ve taken time to read all answers, and we’ve worked to respond to what you’ve said. We plan to continue to use this method of communication, and we welcome your feedback via e-mail as well.

*Continuing Our Catalog Tradition: Every year without fail, Brenda created a beautiful catalog. We have worked hard this fall to continue that tradition, and we’re excited to release our new catalog in November. You’ll notice a redesign in terms of layout, but the features you love (color photos, useful product descriptions, etc.) remain.  I was excited to work with one of my former students to develop this year’s catalog cover. She took my ideas and brought them to life through her incredible artistic ability. It’s a different look from past covers, but we think you’ll enjoy it!   

*Continuing to Seek Out New Products: One of the highlights of the past year was traveling to Orlando to “shop” at the NAMTA convention held there. This is the annual convention of art supply distributors, and Brenda was kind enough to travel with me to acquaint me with the process. It was there that we found the Art Graf carbon and graphite, as well as the Chinese Watercolors that have all been well received. Jan is constantly looking for new items as she orchestrates our purchasing, and she’s frequently finding wonderful new items. Further, we’ve also worked with customers and teachers as well to bring in products that you are sure to love!

*Traveling to Conferences :  We have enjoyed meeting many of you throughout this past year at the various conferences. While packing up the inventory and setting up a store on-site doesn’t qualify as easy, it is certainly rewarding! This past year, we had mini-stores at the NY Society of Scribes Holiday Fair, the Letters California Style conference, the Letter of Joy Conference, and the Calligraphy Northwest conference, as well as the Chicago Comic Con show. Being able to talk with customers face to face and allowing all of you to see and try products in person is always a wonderful experience that we look forward to continuing. We’ve also sent out products for a few guild book fairs, and we’re happy to work with your guild if you are interested.

*Establishing Affiliate Links: We piloted an affiliate link with Melissa Esplin’s  I Love Calligraphy Class, and it has been a huge success! We look forward to expanding this idea over the next year and are already talking to a few of our favorite customers to set-up similar links. If you are interested in learning more about this possibility, e-mail me ( for more information.

*Opening Our Doors to Our Local (or Traveling) Customers: Though our offices and warehouse are not set-up as a retail store, we’ve gladly welcomed customers in to shop over the past year. We started with an Open House last fall, and we held another just last weekend. In between, local customers and customers visiting Nashville have dropped in to shop in person. We’re here daily from 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m., and we are happy for you to drop by! If you call when you’re on the way, we’ll be sure to have someone able to assist you while you are here. But even if you just stop by without calling first, we’ll be happy to see you.  As you shop, you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely envelopes we receive from our customers that we display in what we like to call our own little in-store gallery. Our customers often find them just as inspiring as we do!

Yes, it has been a busy year! Our new catalog should be arriving to you in the next few weeks-just in time for Christmas shopping.  In the next few weeks, our new products will be available on the website as well. In the coming year, we plan to set-up a YouTube channel where customers can see our products being used, reach out to our local arts community to make them aware of our existence, and expand our class offerings. We also plan to continue to search for ways to better improve your shopping experience with us!

Again, we appreciate your business throughout this first year, and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.

Warm regards,


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Paper and Ink Arts Spring News

It’s hard to believe in less than a month that we will be in Portland for Calligraphy Northwest! We’re quite excited about our first large scale conference, and we are looking forward to meeting many of you in person very soon. We appreciate the pre-orders we’re receiving, and we’ve also worked to put together a store you are sure to love. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, be sure to check out the new classes and conferences page on the website that will make it easy for you to do so. Shipping is free, and you can enter the code CNW2012 at check-out to receive a 10% discount on your order. (This discount is for conference pre-orders only.)

We have several exciting new items to tell you about.  Here are a few descriptions of the ones we think you’ll find most exciting:


We’ve added Asian style brushes due to customer requests. Ten styles of quality brushes are now available.—brushes-brushes-asian-brushes.html


We have two new envelope templates that each make four sizes of envelopes. One is geared toward top loading envelopes, and the other helps you to create lovely homemade standard envelopes. We also have small gift box templates.


*Sharpie has now introduced two new colors to their metallic marker line. Besides the silver, gold and bronze are now available. They are the same Sharpie marker you know and love with a bit more sparkle.

*Zig Calligraphy Marker in Silver

You know and love the Zig Memory System Markers, and we now have the silver available. It has a 2.0mm tip and a 5.0mm tip.

*Zig Double-Ended Painty Marker

Many of you often ask for a marker that can write on glass or wood. This is the answer! The dual end marker has one silver 1mm tip and one gold 1mm tip. It can work on heavier paper (ex-cardstock), too, but would bleed through normal paper.


Brenda and I attended the NAMTA Trade Show in Orlando and fell in love with the Art Graf Carbon Discs. While you can use the disc as is, they can be wet with water and will behave much like sumi ink. You can get several shades and can use the disc to do brush lettering or to load a dip pen. It is water-soluble and can be erased. It is perfect for traveling-no messy ink in your bags! Once it dries, it can be stored and used repeatedly.


Art Graf also has a fabulous square graphite stick. It can be used dry for drawing or making broad edge calligraphy strokes, and it can also be used wet to create washes, brush lettering, etc.


We came across a cute stamp and paper with a pen nib design that we thought might make a nice gift for calligraphers. More crafty than fine art, these fun items could be used to create stationery, cards, etc.—class-supplies-stationery-stamps-and-paper.html


These handy little pens can be used for a variety of lettering styles and are convenient to carry with you. The body of the pen and the refills are sold separately, so you can create the style of your choosing.

Last, if you haven’t visited our blog or facebook page, you should! Several incredibly talented calligraphers have donated their time, effort, and expertise to create helpful articles and examples of what you can do with the products we offer for our blog. (  As always, if you’re interested in contributing an article or pictures of your work, let me know! ( or 615-770-9902) Our facebook page allows you to have more regular updates about what is going on here at the offices or upcoming events. It’s a great way to receive frequent announcements if you so desire.

Stay tuned this spring and summer for more new products, an exciting catalog cover contest, and general news! Thanks for all you do to support Paper and Ink Arts! We appreciate you!

Best regards,