National Handwriting Day 2018

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  1. Wendy Cowley says:

    Write out your shopping list in your best handwriting, letter your child’s name on their lunch bag or put a little “thinking of you” note in their lunch box – even a joke or riddle written by hand would be a surprise and brighten their day.

  2. Shirleen Wescott says:

    Write out all your facebook friends names. They LOVE it and it’s great practice for the upper and lower case letters!

  3. Marty Mitchell says:

    Just the prompt I needed today to finish handwriting a few Thank You cards, with of course my very best Handwriting!

  4. National Handwriting Day is the PERFECT day to share the art of handwriting with others – gift someone with a starter fountain pen, paper and a few resources for them to improve their handwriting. Even better, sit down with them for an hour or two and share your tips!

  5. Write a letter to your future self to be opened 5 years from now. Describe how life is different from just 5 years ago, what you’re currently working on and enjoying, what you hope to have accomplished by the time you read this letter 5 years into the future.

  6. Brecken says:

    Volunteer at an elementary school and teach a hand writing lesson.

  7. Rachel Dartt says:

    My oldest has started showing interest in learning cursive. I think teaching our children cursive as an intro to Calligraphy is a great way to celebrate today. Another is to write their teachers a good Thank You note for all their hard work they do.

  8. Tessa Nelson says:

    I love cards! I love to make them and send them, so that’s what I would do. I may even do it today if I get time! Love the ideas here!

  9. LM English says:

    Share a memory with your children or grandchildren. My dad wrote a letter that shared a slice of his childhood during the Great Depression of the 1930s. I cherish that story, and wish he had written more. If you don’t have children yet, start a journal and record some of those everyday memories. It’s a slice of your life that a later generation will enjoy.

  10. Myriam Vennie says:

    Find quotes that inspire you, write them on beautiful papers, and then hang them on your walls or give them to family members and/or friends.

  11. Jodi Denning says:

    Write out encouraging Bible verses in bright, metallic inks and give them to friends who are going through a challenging time.

  12. Well broke my wrist so handwriting is a challenge. Look forward to trying the suggestions in your post.

  13. Karen Helble says:

    Start simply… slow down… take a moment to reflect and choose just ONE word, each day, that has special meaning for you. Choose whatever materials interest you, or you think best fit your chosen word. Pin your finished words on a bulletin board, or keep a special basket, for your growing collection. Enjoy!

    p.s. I would love to win these supplies… not having accessible materials is my biggest deterrent!!!

  14. Take full advantage of your Social Media channels to spread the love of letters and handwriting. I am posting several times today on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate what I love most–Calligraphy! From Kellie at

  15. Lena Lee says:

    Write to your pen pals. ??? Write a love note. ??

  16. Bertha says:

    My son’s birthday is tomorrow, Jan 24th, so of course I will make him a card, using the calligraphy skills that I have, no that they account to much, having taken only two series of classes , but I know that he’ll appreciate the effort.

  17. Joanne Groff says:

    Find a different style of lettering online. Give it a try. Letter an inspiring quote for your desk or pick a fun word starting with each letter of the alphabet.

  18. Billie says:

    Write little notes of love and encouragement and tuck them in loved one’s pockets, lunch boxes, brief cases, purses, kitchen cabinet, garage workbench, garden gloves…anywhere to surprise them.

  19. Laurel H says:

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, handwrite a card/letter to your significant other, or your child, or a parent/grandparent. Expressing your love with your own handwriting creates an authentic gesture that can never be duplicated!

  20. Wow – I had no idea it was National Handwriting Day! I now have the perfect excuse to play around with two of my favorite fonts/ alphabets and try to create a new one by combining them 🙂

  21. Judy Hale says:

    Write a Bible verse that will encourage a friend in their walk with the Lord.

  22. Carol Savage says:

    I am sharing handwriting skills with college students at the University of Missouri Saint Louis campus this afternoon. Last year my event was in Stokes-Brown public library. So be it in a private or public way, let’s celebrate Americans’ freedom to write boldly as did John Hancock!

  23. Ana Gonzalez says:

    Write letters to your children and mail them. Young or older (in my case). They will feel the joy of receiving something different in the mail and save your written words to keep forever.

  24. Ann Cobb says:

    Leave a beautifully hand-written Thank You note for a restaurant worker who gives you excellent service. They always love seeing their names written and decorated.

  25. I am celebrating by finally practicing cross drills and for my Cursive Crush online class with Anne Elser

  26. Laura Eriksson says:

    Create a simple Thank You card of appreciation to a service organization who
    makes a difference in your community.
    The George Reiffel Migratory Sanctuary in Delta is getting my written Thanks. ?

  27. Jane says:

    Label the jars in your spice rack in handwriting. Write out a favorite quote, for your own inspiration or to share.

  28. Sharon Shergold says:

    Write out your favourite poem and send it off to a friend. Chances are they have never known this about you..

  29. Alesta says:

    Write a letter to a friend for no reason at all. Talk about your day and the little interesting things in your life that you treasure.

  30. Susie says:

    I like to practice writing everyday along with sketching. Any journaling, etc. I try different fonts.

  31. Susan Kipp says:

    Cut off the back of a junk mail envelope, and write something short but meaningful in your best hand- writing. Us it as a book mark.

  32. Linda O'Neill says:

    How perfect that I would be meeting today with a fellow lover of handwriting to organize a handwriting club for 4th and 5th graders at the local elementary school. There seems to be a lot of interest in learning to write and read “cursive” since they no longer teach it in most schools. We are excited.

  33. A. M. Nitsche says:

    Write a note to your child(ren) to be given on their birthday. A story of their birth, a favorite memory of them as a child, your dreams for them.

  34. Mackenna Lapierre says:

    Come up with a new way to sign your name.

  35. Shari Jobst says:

    I’m writing a “Thank you for your service” note to a healthcare worker who gave some pretty exceptional service.

  36. Marissa says:

    Practice handwriting using favourite lyrics or inspirational quotes.

  37. Kathryn says:

    Send an artsy postcard with hand lettering on the front using a medium you’ve never tried, like colored pencils or felt markers.

  38. Marieanne Coursen says:

    Write reminders on nice paper with a good pen and consider it an opportunity to make beauty with your handwriting even if it is just for you to see.

  39. Kelly Ann says:

    Write a sweet note to include in your child’s lunch to remind them you are thinking of him/her.

  40. write in your journal, beautifully, which for me means, slow down, concentrate, make it nice! and say something nice while I'm at it says:


  41. I’ll be celebrating by inking up a new pen with one of the many inks I have yet to open and writing a few cards to send to other fellow pen enthusiast! Also I have several unused notepads of fine quality paper that I’ll be testing out just for fun! Happy National Handwriting Day!!

  42. Ann-Margret says:

    Write beautifully when you address envelopes for bill payments. The person opening the mail probably has a terribly boring job and you might make his or her day! 🙂

  43. Alison Clement says:

    Spend an hour teaching your child how to write in cursive since they no longer teach it in school. Sign up for a local calligraphy class.

  44. Mairin says:

    I’ll be celebrating by calligraphing wedding vows! What better way to celebrate National Handwriting Day, and start thinking about Valentine’s Day!

  45. June K says:

    I will be practicing addressing some envelopes. What a way to celebrate.

  46. Paula K. Howard says:

    Celebrate by create a bookmark for a friend with their name on one side and a short phrase that describes them on the other. Paula Howard

  47. I keep Post It Notes and an assortment of writing tools with me. When I have some time to kill, I write quotations or thought-provoking questions, then stick the notes in public places (near a water fountain, on a napkin holder, etc). I leave notes for restaurant servers. Everyone loves having their names spelled correctly and written beautifully!

  48. Sowmya Karthik(craftmommy) says:

    I love to write my favorite motivational quote and practice more words in my dip pen calligraphy.

  49. Sharon Fox says:

    Making it a point to practice my calligraphy skills. Want to improve handwriting.

  50. Karen Messersmith says:

    Hand write and decorate an envelope for a friend and inside write a simple request for them to pass it on and create an envelope for someone they know. Friends and postal workers alike will enjoy!

  51. Jan Höefler says:

    I am practicing a series of drill, letters, words and phrases today to better my lettering for cards.

  52. Jacky Schmitt says:

    Practice the alphabet in Spencerian style

  53. Monica Hornsleth says:

    Im leaving a note for my mailman to thank him. Im also Leaving him some pens because he says he is always losing them.

    • Gail Fournier says:

      I hugged my garbage collector last week. Maybe I’ll leave him a little handwritten thank-you note and some cookies next week!

  54. Laura S. says:

    Write a letter to relatives telling them how much you love them and why they’re special.

  55. Martha Grow says:

    Letter inspirational or motivational quotes on random pages of a blank journal and give it to children, grandchildren, or a friend. It will serve as a memorable keepsake.

  56. Barb says:

    Just appreciate lovely handwriting as done in this post.

  57. Jamie Sullivan says:

    I am a 2nd grade teacher. We did a handwriting contest, learned some dip pen calligraphy, and learned about John Hancock!! It was such a fun day, and the kiddos really enjoyed the focus on the beauty of the written word!!!

  58. Writing my “things-to-do” list in long hand.

  59. Kristin says:

    Surprise a friend or co-worker with a handwritten hello!

  60. Debbie Brewster says:

    I have several journals I write in regularly with fountain pens. A daily journal, a favorite poetry/quotes notebook, and one contains the titles and authors of all my Kindle books (thousands). I also write handwritten letters to my brother who is going through chemo. He says they really brighten his days and help with the chemo-fog.

  61. Gail Fournier says:

    I plan to write positive sayings on strips of paper and hang them in the trees beside the walking path behind my house. It’s always interesting to see the reactions of people who stop to read them, especially when I watch from my upstairs window!

  62. Jeniffer says:

    I love practicing calligraphy!

  63. Jaime Wickstrom says:

    National Handwriting Day?! What?! I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know there was such a day BUT, I am thrilled to know it exists! When I was little and my older sister was learning cursive in third grade, I remember being absolutely in love with her letters. I used to beg her to “Please write in your ‘scribbly’ writing!” just so I could look at it. She always would and that was the beginning of my life long love for beautiful handwriting. So I have to agree with an earlier post where someone suggested teaching handwriting to young children as a good way to spend the National Handwriting Day. I can’t believe I didn’t know there was a day set aside to honor it. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win!
    Jaime Wickstrom

  64. Deborah West says:

    Practice writing everyday as your form of meditation, creativity & stepping away from the world.

  65. Michelle Gimbrone says:

    Carry a beautiful notepad with you, put down your phone, and practice beautiful handwriting!

  66. Melanie Messmer says:

    If I have to send in a bill payment, I like to address the envelope fanciful & flourished; figure it might be may chance to make someone smile 🙂 Also, instead of just envelope exchange, I greatly enjoy handwriting letters still..itz a part of me that I can easily share with others <3

  67. Michelle Gimbrone says:

    I love to see how much people enjoy receiving a hand written letter. The care that is taken to make it a thing of beauty makes the one who receives it feel special that you took that time for them. Our “love of letters” become letters of love. Keep writing everyone! Happy Handwriting Day!

  68. Linda W. Cook says:

    I love Handwriting Day!! I like to send notes to friends who are mostly shut-ins. I also send cards to my grandchildren, greatneices & greatnephews, hoping to inspire them to practice their handwriting. I include Target gift cards in the notes for my grandchildren so they can go shop for pens, pencils, markers, & notebooks. They love it!

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