Rest Well, Sweet Brenda

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7 Responses

  1. Edie Richardson says:

    I am still trying to wrap my head around this. I am so very saddened to know she isn’t here with us any more. But given my interactions with her and also with what you are sharing, I am sure she is free at last of every worldly disappointment and pain. And in the arms of her Heavenly Father. I am especially thinking of her family. How they will sorely miss her. My prayers are for you and for them.

  2. Ann Bain says:

    RIP, Dear Brenda.. All of your customers have, and will continue to benefit from your foresight and hard work. Enjoy your scriptorium in the sky!

    a grateful customer

  3. mary lou Sherman says:

    ALL is well in the Spirit World??RIP Brenda??

  4. Tanya Hannah says:

    I am soooo sad that she is no longer with us. Wonderful lady, I’ll think of her every time I pick up a parallel pen! That is a nice thought. Rest gently with Our Heavenly Father, Peace at last. I will miss her! With Prayers, Tanya Hannah

  5. Mary Sorrentino says:

    God bless Brenda and the legacy she leaves behind. ~ A grateful customer

  6. Donna Compton says:

    To know her was to love her. Love & light.

  7. Vickie Rambin says:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of Brenda. Many prayers.

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