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  1. Such Elegant gifts WOW.

  2. Mary Dee says:

    Favorite holiday tradition – my father died shortly after Thanksgiving, 1979. Knowing we (mom, sibs[2] and I) would be missing him, friends set up a “Boxing Day” potluck party where we shared memories. That tradition continued for several years and included a “round robin” gift exchange. I still treasure the kindness of those friends.

  3. Natasha says:

    I love Kringle on Christmas morning! I make the Kringle with a friend usually a week or so before Christmas and then thaw/proof it to eat with family!

  4. Shivam Hire says:

    Favourite holiday tradition is spending time with my family and watching movies with …when I’m away from my family I usually practice Calligraphy in shiny and glittery inks ?

  5. Jan says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is driving around looking at the Christmas lights and finding the best neighborhood for them. My husband was the pied piper of family kiddos and we always took a car-ful around at least one night during the season.

  6. What a lovely gift …. My favorite tradition is making my Grandmother’s Steamed Carrott Pudding with it’s delicious Nutmeg Sauce…I still have her handwritten copy…One of these pens would be great to rewrite the recipe with…Let’s hope..

  7. The best part of our Chanukah tradition is lighting the menorah with our grandchildren & making potato latkes.

  8. Sandra D in Joliet says:

    Playing Christmas songs and watching my favorite Christmas DVD’s while making over 2000 Pizzelles. Love the purple pen holder. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Susie says:

    My favorite is driving to special light displays in neighborhoods and playing our holiday Christmas station that plays Christmas songs all day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

  10. Sandi says:

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is having Dungeness crab on Christmas eve with cole slaw and baked beans while listening to Christmas carols. The purple oblique is stunning and would be helpful for arthritic hands. It would be nice to win it!

  11. Kelly M says:

    We love watching all of the holiday movies together and driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  12. Eddye Rhea says:

    Beautiful pens,I would love to have one of these gems…My favorite Christmas tradition is a country ham breakfast with family…

  13. Kendra Vaughan Hovey says:

    Our favorite tradition is when my whole family gets together to go to the tree farm to pick out and cut down our Christmas tree! ????

  14. Linda says:

    We always attend a Christmas Eve service to celebrate the birth of Jesus and sing carols. On Christmas Day our large family (children and grandchildren along with a friend or more) gather together for a special dinner followed by opening gifts we have for each other. A few have an interest in calligraphy and it has been a joy to encourage and help supply them with the tools needed.

  15. Julie Gray says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is receiving and hanging for all my family to see, the most beautiful calligraphic cards from all my talented friends!

  16. Making my grandma’a egg nog, wassail, and peppernuts… her recipes keep her memory alive ??

  17. JLM says:

    We always watch the video “The Snowman.” Have for years. It’s adorable.

  18. Visiting my Mom & helping her cook Christmas dinner.

  19. matthewneilcowan says:

    Visiting my mom & helping her cook Christmas dinner.

  20. Karen says:

    We go bowling on Thanksgiving morning. Over a hundred of us! Pot luck brunch buffet. It’s my favorite family holiday tradition that is more than 60 years strong!

  21. Sharlene Castro says:

    One of my favorite Christmas tradition is hanging up socks and filling it with gifts for the kids to find out comes Christmas Eve!

  22. Wendy Cowley says:

    Beautiful colour!

  23. Jackie Williams says:

    Beautiful pens–and obliques, too. Our favorite tradition is making lots and lots of Christmas cookies to share.

  24. Judy Hansen says:

    Lovely pens…my favorite holiday tradition is sing a Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve and reading the Christmas story aloud from the Bible.

  25. Rita says:

    Love to make Krumkake for the boys 🙂

  26. Meechie says:

    Our annual Christmas grab bag which we pull names for on Thanksgiving and spend the remaining time trying to find out who has whose name.

  27. Beth Sobolik says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is reveille dinners from New Orleans. I am a LONG way from New Orleans, but after several trips down there in December, we have taken on the tradition of wonderful dinners with friends- rich foods, best china, wine and laughter!

  28. Primrose Comendador says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my grandparents house to celebrate Christmas. Also, its the time when my mom cooks her Baked Mac and Cheesecake. ?

  29. Ingrid DeBord says:

    Catching up with friends and extended family!

  30. Megan Richardson says:

    Going for a walk along the beach or for a swim in the surf with my sister and nephews in the afternoon to exercise off that family Christmas lunch – it has become our tradition in our summertime Australian Christmas

  31. I really love the family and friends meetings with food ??

  32. What a gorgeous purple pen! Our family tradition is clam chowder (formerly oyster stew) on Christmas Eve, followed by midnight mass, then another large gathering on Christmas morning that goes into the evening.

  33. Janet says:

    I love family time most of all and opening one gift on Christmas Eve!

  34. patforlife06 says:

    These holders look beautiful – thank you for a chance to win. My favorite Christmas tradition is attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, The choir usually sings a medley of Christmas hymns & carols beginning at 11:30, setting the tone for the beautiful Mass which follows.

  35. lisaj75703 says:

    Favorite part of the Holiday? Feasting together!!

  36. Rebecca Pelletier says:

    Christmas morning we all sit around the tree and read from Luke the Christmas story of how Jesus came as a babe in a manger for the sole purpose of giving His life for us.

  37. Robin West says:

    I love to watch the movie Ghandi on Christmas.

  38. Doris Major says:

    As long back as I can remember, we lived in a tiny house that had no locks on doors. The only one was the bathroom and we had to lock myself and my 2 brothers inside. So we could not hear Santa bringing in the gifts from outside, we had to sing Christmas songs loud and proud. Now I am about to celebrate my 60th birthday and my sons and nieces continue this tradition today. Being poor gave the best memories.

  39. Sherl says:

    Visiting my relatives for three days straight and receiving red packets (ang pows) during Chinese New Year! And reunion dinners. YUM. Sadly I will be missing 3 years’ worth doing uni in the UK.

  40. eliza d says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite tradition isn’t actually mine… An old friend of my dad’s carves a woodcut Christmas card every year and sends it out. I really admire that and I hope I can make it a tradition of my own. I’m on my way with my first year already!

  41. Elaine says:

    Making our own decorations for the Christmas tree including stringing popcorn and cranberry garlands for the tree every year.

  42. Allaina Bernice says:

    I love going to my grandfather’s house to celebrate the holidays together

  43. Suzanne says:

    Ooh la la, oblique!
    Each holiday season I bake homemade coffee cakes from my grandmother’s recipe. They are gifts to family. A German tradition.

  44. Love Christmas Eve Posadas children re-enact St. Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary seeking shelter, Christmas caroling, angels, and shepherds.

  45. Patti Peterson says:

    Favorite Christmas tradition is cooking/baking all the things that are too bad for you to eat the rest of the year!

  46. Craftmommy says:

    Spend time with family and prepare yummy foods.?

  47. Miriam Jones says:

    Special holiday foods that are only eaten at this time of year: my mother-in-law’s seafood dinner on Dec. 24, and my late mother’s minced tarts and particularly her shortbread.

  48. Johni K says:

    My favorite tradition is my family, kids and grandkids, get-together at our house. Sharing blessings of family, good food and presents under the Christmas tree.
    Thank you for chance to win, purple my favorite color ?.

  49. Stefanie says:

    Every Christmas we make a Dutch baby pancake for breakfast. Delicious and it cooks while we open presents!

  50. My favorite family tradition is spending time with family and friends; going to church, playing board games, and eating southern food.

  51. edievee says:

    My favorite tradition is baking cookies with my grandchildren.

  52. cbremer says:

    We celebrated on Christmas Eve with family and presents but woke up Christmas morning to stockings from Santa and Swedish Pancakes.

  53. Katie says:

    I love breaking out the Christmas music! So many people get annoyed by it but sometimes I start as early as mid-October

  54. Chris says:

    We have always preferred experiences to presents. So we usually take a drive to see lights, go to a concert or play, share meals with family and friends.

  55. ink2art says:

    Such gorgeous pens…a lovely prize. Favourite tradition? I love Christmas Midnight Mass. Beautiful and very moving…a great start to Christmas day.

  56. Gini Cooper says:

    Oh wow, I really love this one. They are all so beautiful, but I’m a sucker for purple. I’ve written about three traditions on the FB post. My favorite has to be filling the handmade stocking for my son on Christmas eve. He’s grown, but my grandmother made me and my siblings stockings, then twenty years later, eyesight failing, she made one for my son. The stitches are a bit uneven, but it’s all the more dear to me for that.

  57. Harold T says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition now is watching the old Christmas shows from my childhood, somehow watching these shows brings back the magic of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child once again.

  58. Laura Jacklin says:

    I love snuggling with my kids while watching Christmas movies.

  59. Cesar Hernandez says:

    I enjoy cutting the tree into firewood after all the decorations have been taken down, the pine needles make a great crackling sound as they burn and the trunk of the tree gives off a pleasent smell not found in other firewood.

  60. Bet says:

    Reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning.

  61. Jen Lin says:

    My favorite holiday tradition with some friends and is the sending of hand-drawn holiday cards with fountain pen ink or calligraphy ink. ?

  62. Karine says:

    I love baking with my mother in the time leading up to Christmas, and watching an old Norwegian movie (Tante Pose) in the afternoon of Christmas Eve!

  63. Viv says:

    Christmas to me is like the Festivus celebration that the Costanza’s celebrated on Seinfeld…a lot of disagreements but a lot of love 😉

  64. reader775 says:

    As it happens, I like purple. My favorite holiday tradition and memory,was having my family over for Christmas dinner. The kids that are now adults with kids of their own. Just having three generations together and all the hoopla that goes with it. Good times. Now, my husband and I go out to eat and exchange gifts. The companies good and the food is too.

  65. St Nicholas visits on the eve of December 5 and fills the shoes with goodies.

  66. Tracy Brainard says:

    Other than special foods that we make every year, my family always demand that no matter what, other than homemade blueberry muffins Christmas morning, they demand I make my homemade mac and cheese.

  67. Bjo Trimble says:

    Getting up Christmas morning to have coffee and open presents is still my favorite thing. There have been lean years in my childhood and as an adult, but even a wrapped Dollar Tree gift (or back then, a Five & Dime store) was loads of fun. If our stockings had an orange and a couple of walnuts, we considered ourselves well-gifted. Now, at 83, I am full-circle, and any gifts have to be more fun than costly. It’s been an interesting and memorable trip.

  68. Taking the grandkids to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop. Fun pics. Seeing the Christmas lights. Listening to Christmas music…like I am now.

  69. Myles says:

    Wow! Such lovely penholders?? My Christmas Tradition is making some good old handwritten Christmas cards for my loved ones. And I eat plenty of cookies and milk too.

  70. Lisa Bond says:

    watching a Charlie Brown Christmas!

  71. Heidi says:

    Gorgeous!! My favorite holiday tradition is our family’s silly white elephant gift exchange. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Leslie Barnes says:

    I host a Gingerbread House making party at church-it started years ago with my nieces and nephews (the oldest is now 30). It moved to the kids at church and now is open to anyone. The pre-assembled houses have made it ALOT easier. This year there were 22 houses, about 33 people when all was said and done!!

  73. Eva says:

    Awesome penholder! 😀 Just the fact of joining all the family together and enjoy a meal made with love is for me “my favorite holiday tradition” 😉

  74. Paula says:

    The pen looks covetable. My favorite Art store is Paper and Inl Arts. A tradition of our family is to do a Yankee Swap on Chrisas Eve.

  75. Sharon says:

    I love decorating, making my own cards and walking around and looking at the dressed up houses. 🙂

  76. Katie C says:

    Reading the story of the birth of Jesus from my great grandmother’s giant family bible before we open gifts. We pass it around and everyone takes turns reading.

  77. Marcela Mok says:

    Ohhh Gorgeous PenHolders!!!!
    I like the family gather together to eat and spend time together until midnight and see fireworks, open gifts, and the after party is to staying late, talking, drinking, spending more time until next morning

  78. Amy says:

    Our family takes a photo each Christmas and has it made into a large jigsaw puzzle. We work it the next Christmas Day and pose for the next years puzzle. We do this instead of a gift exchange and we so look forward to it every year.

  79. Niguida says:

    The walk around the lake and after the good hot chocolate with the cinnamon cookies !

  80. Sally Liverman says:

    Going out for afternoon tea to address Christmas cards.

  81. June Baty says:

    As a broad pen artist for years I handmade all my Christmas cards but recently added copperplate to my lettering styles. I have fallen in love with writing with the oblique pen holder especially since discovering MacCaffreys glossy black ink.

  82. Hadley says:

    My favorite tradition is a local race that I do with my girl friends. We dress up and get into the Christmas spirit. Then we meet up with the husbands and kids for brunch.

  83. Seth Bowden says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cinnamon rolls with my wife and brother/sister in law. We double the homemade recipe which ends up making A TON of cinnamon rolls. We then freeze them and give a pan to each of our family members. The whole family look forward to them every Christmas!

  84. Isabel says:

    Spending the whole day with family, giving out and opening presents in the morning, then dim sum.. 😛 then more delicious holiday related foods throughout the day… ^_^

  85. Amanda says:

    We watch White Christmas and eat ham sandwiches on homemade Hawaiian sweet bread washed down with buttermilk.

  86. Carol says:

    Getting the whole family together for ccrepes on Christmas morning!

  87. Cathrine says:

    Homemade Danish pastries Christmas morning 🙂

  88. Brian Leair says:

    A new tradition for me and my wife is writing Christmas cards (we now know enough calligraphy that we’re having fun).. We’re still learning different scripts and techniques. We’ll bust out the holiday music and do cards together.

  89. Katie Lee says:

    My favorite holiday tradition would have to be picking out the Christmas tree and decorating it!

  90. BETHANY says:

    Gorgeous tools! My Mimi would make a birthday cake for Jesus and all the kids got to decorate it! Of course it was a hot mess but it was so fun for us and reminded us of what the day was all about ?

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