Connie Chen Reviews Sumi Inks

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  1. Kath Harney says:

    Just a quick note regarding inks….I have found that using glass beads from craft store do a great job of blending those inks…especially the gold…I bought a string of cheap glass beads and dropped 3 …½ inch beads into the kuretake gold and then replace the lid and swirl in a circle and it blended the gold perfectly…it worked so well I used it in my white and black sumi and in fact any of my inks that sit for a while…just thought you might want to share this with others that don’t have one of those blending things….this works well and doesn’t cause foam/bubbles on the surface..
    Kath Harney

  2. Patsy Roeder says:

    I appreciate this video. It will be an excellent video to share with my students. Thank you.

    On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 7:34 AM, Paper and Ink Arts Blog wrote:

    > piajennifer posted: “Last year we began a partnership with calligrapher > Connie Chen to have her review some of our most popular products. Her > review of gold inks was particularly popular with our blog readers, and she > has just produced another video where she reviews sumi ink” >

  3. Jean Mehochko says:

    Great video; it addressed concerns and questions I had. Thank you.

  4. Rachel Lee says:

    This review was so helpful in deciding what Sumi to use for my practice work. It’s great to see such a great calligrapher take time to review calligraphy items most people have questions about.

  5. CJ says:

    Brilliant tip about the glass beads. I’m new to calligraphy and I’ve been shaking and shaking my gold ink in vain.

  6. Bill Kemp says:

    Good review but turn the music down, it truly interferes with listening to what you are saying.

  7. Trevor N. Jones says:

    Thank you Connie Chen for a great review of Sumi inks. I am inspired to try a lot of them! However, one major point: I agree very much with Bill Kemp’s remark that you should turn the music down–even OFF–since I could not understand half of what you were saying! Although I am a musician, here we want the info on these inks and your wonderful writing display! One more suggestion: would it be possible to turn the page horizontally so we can read what you are writing as you write? Thanks again for a much appreciated video! Trevor Jones

  8. WeddingScribe says:

    I agree with Bill and Trevor. I, too, am a musician, and I found it difficult to understand what she was saying.

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