Connie Chen’s Gold Review

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13 Responses

  1. Jane Pierce says:

    Excellent video/review!!! Thank you Connie & Paper & Inks!!!

  2. Carol Savage says:

    Connie’s cross references comparing ink brands is useful because it is very precise. Her information will be useful in making choices from the several gold products I have already purchased from Paper & Ink.

  3. Thomas says:

    It is great that you’re working with a Master Penman to really put these inks to the test. Connie is one of the greatest penman around.

  4. Suemash says:

    Loved this educational review of the golds and will share it with my students

    Susan Mashman


  5. janzart says:

    Wow! That was a great demo. I learned so much. My favorite continues to be the WN, but I will try the Kuretake. Thanks so much.

  6. rbbeard says:

    I’ve been putting off getting the Finetec set until NOW! Thanx sooo much!

  7. dotyuki says:

    Thank you for your work and video Connie. I want to try the Kuretake ink now.

  8. Brian says:

    What a great review of all these inks.I would of never been able to buy all these inks to try. It is great that you’re working with a Master such as Connie but I am surprised you did not mention she was a Master Penman.

    I cannot wait to place my order!

  9. Sandi says:

    What a clear and concise review of the inks. I appreciate Connie’s attention to detail and her remarks on each ink.

  10. Judy Hale says:

    Thank you for taking time to review the many different gold inks. I would like to try the kuretake.

  11. Vicky says:

    I love that you made the video, Connie, and we can watch you in action! I am anxious to try the kuretake ink. I will watch this again and again!

  12. Jz Toland says:

    Thank you Connie for the golden info. Wow! Amazing skills. I have a few of the products and use them all . My next purchase will be the Finetec set .

  13. Elsa Wade says:

    Wow! A very informative and beautiful video! Love the golds and watching you write! I am a beginner and I have good luck with the Dr. Martin’s Gold and the Finetec. I would love to start working with the different brush and gel pens! Love all your flourishes! Thank you for taking the time to do this video!

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