Tips and Tricks Part Three: Stain Removal

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5 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    Does it work on all types of fabric?

  2. ink2art says:

    …and by chance I tried this method out of desperation (before I read this tip) when I spilled black ink on my new jeans last week. I really didn’t expect the success I had, but had nothing else around to use. The ink had soaked right through the fabric to my leg. After the Master’s and a wash, the ink was all gone. I have to add that it was much harder to remove from my leg – and I am not kidding!

    • piajennifer says:

      I’m glad it worked on your jeans! Yes, removing ink from your skin can be horrible. The same company that makes Master’s makes a hand soap, and it’s pretty good. However, I find it might take a couple of washes to get it all off even with that soap.

  3. Lovely Rock says:

    Thanks for letting me know about it. If you’re using rubbing alcohol (aka isopropyl), daub it into the stain full-strength, let it air-dry, rinse it with alcohol, and repeat.

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