Which White is Right?

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7 Responses

  1. Julie Gray says:

    Great comparison, Jennifer! Very helpful!

  2. Joan Merrell says:

    Wait, bleedprrof is acrylic?? And what makes it crystallize?

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    • piajennifer says:

      No, it is not. I didn’t catch that in my quick edit! It’s opaque watercolor. If it crystallizes, you can usually still coax it back into a workable state; it will just take a little patience.

  3. Candy says:

    Thanks for the visuals along with the information. Very helpful!

  4. Fernando says:

    Great review. Can you tell us wich of these inks arte waterproof? I think FW are waterproof but W&N callygraphic are not. If you can add the dry time it is necessary will be helpfull too


    • piajennifer says:

      You are correct in terms of FW being waterproof. The Golden High Flow is as well. In terms of drying time, that will vary according to your environment. More humid environments will require longer drying times.

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