Calligrapher’s Corner:Consulting with the Experts, Volume 10: Randall Hasson

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  1. Jin Chin says:

    In the 1980s ,afriend invited me to our art guild meeting which was giving a calligraphy demo.The person was name Elizabeth from Evergreen Park.She handed out carpenter’s pencils for us to use, from that point on,I was hooked, the fire started to burn within,I started to buy books and read to gain as much infomation,my wife and I decided to make quotes to sell at craft shows,we made good money doing this, but it was time consuming and left us away from our children onthe weekends,Then I thought I needed formal education,so I signed up for classes eith Tim Botts and completed his complete series,It was a great class, but I wanted more, so I signed up for Reggie Ezell’s year long class and that was whenI found out about the international conference,Letterforum 1985 was my first and was hooked there! i jioned our guild in Chicago and want to help,soigot involved with the workshop committee and eventually became workshop chairman for three yearsworkshophairmanfortreeears.Itwas a pleasure to house all of the instructors at our home ,which became known as the “Chin Inn”Then one year Glen Epstein came to teach ruling pen class and I made a folded pen, the “Butterfly”which Glenfell in love with itthe first time he used it, from then on,it was history with the pen making,It was a cottage industry for me!

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