Diana Brown and the Amazing Artograph Lightpad

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  1. janhurst says:

    I love my LightPad too. I have three other light boards, none as satisfactory as this one. The others are at a high slant, which is not great for pointed pen work, which is mostly what I do these days. The LightPad is terrific!

  2. Trish Taylor says:

    Yes… I love mine. I used to just have one of those cheap, light boxes which Jan is referring to in the comment prior to mine… It was taller, with a slant, bulky and the lighting wasn’t all that great…
    The Artograph lightpad is slim and sleek.. you can turn in around so that the plug is more accessible… IT Really Rocks! I love mine. I think the 9×12 is the perfect size for most calligraphers… many newbies ask me what type and size to get and this is what I tell them.

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